Border City Wars

 Essay upon Border Town Wars






My topic is about drug trafficking in america. I have chosen this matter because of the war that is occurring in the southern border says. The main claims are Az, Southern California, and Texas. Because the Mexican govt has reported war on the cartels, there have been an influx of against the law drug trafficking. " The United States has much to gain by simply helping improve its the southern part of neighbor and even more to lose if it does not. " (Shirk, 2011). This is true mainly because if the Philippine state flattened the United States could have a harder time controlling the 1, 951 mile edge which isolates the two countries. The medicine cartel assault also influences the neighborhoods surrounding the border. The United States in the most significant consumer of medication coming from South america and also a major part of the weaponry supplier towards the cartels.

I consider refining my personal topic simply by identifying the origin of most of exactly where the medicine trafficking originates from, which will be Mexico. The report will even have details based on what our government has been doing and what they plan on doing to prevent the medications from coming into the United States. The subject will also look at the main prescription drugs that have been coming into the country. The subject will also review how much money can be lost to the cartel the moment their medication loads happen to be seized by American line patrol agents. Annual reports given on trafficking by Drug Enforcement Agency. Medicine trafficking physical violence is affecting the towns located on either area of the Mexican-American border

The war on prescription drugs will not quit until a reasonable solution is created. " Interdiction seizures may possibly account for just as much as 42 percent of total cocaine creation; large seizures are made by exporting Andean countries, simply by some of the transshipment nations (particularly Mexico), and by the U. S. Coastline Guard and U. S i9000. Customs" (Keefer, Loayza, 2010). Even with all of the...

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