An Introduction to the annals of Compaq Computer Corporation

An Introduction to the annals of Compaq Computer Corporation

Locational Implications of a Take-Over

-Compaq Computer Corporation will lead in the current economical geography conference. At Compaq we recognize the necessity to turn into a global leader in enterprise computing alternatives. The acquisition of Digital Equipment Company, an American US-based artist and manufacturer of mini-computers will tremendously strengthen value proposition to customers. We are focused on supporting these key customer relationships by buying Digital's strategic assets, particularly its worldwide services organization, and also it's 64-tad leadership with Alpha microprocessors, OpenVMS, Digital UNIX and Windows NT business systems, open storage space and software goods. With the acquisition of Digital, we've transformed into a leader in key market segments which will define computing within the next century.

To further extend our service to your valued customers, we've restructured and resized the former Digital Gear Canada Limited right into a configuration center. This is apart of Compaq's procedure to consolidate manufacturing procedure amidst its worldwide facilities.

The configuration center is essential to integrate manufacturing functions into a single cohesive organization. The target is to provide 95 percent of all products all over the world within five days and nights or less.

The merge with Digital will generate the most significant network channel on earth providing over 80 percent of its items and solutions to customers. Compaq's field learning resource will continue steadily to complement the strong reseller channel, concentrating on building enduring customer relationships worldwide.

Needless to state, the acquisition of Digital Devices Corporation will complement Compaq as a world innovator in developing microcomputers. Our clients will benefit from the


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